Milkshake Delivery

Delivery from as little as 30 minutes

Milkshakes to your door

Craving a milkshake? Wondering "can i get a milkshake delivered near me"?

We have all your favourite flavours on the Snappy Shopper app so we’ll be sure to hit the spot! Whether it’s chocolate, banana, strawberry, we’ve got the froth. Fancy another flavour, tap in your postcode and see what your local store has to offer.

And what's more, you can have it delivered to your front door in 30-60 minutes!

Flavours and availability may differ from store to store. Why not pop in your postcode to see what your local store can deliver to you?

National Milkshake Day

Not all milkshakes are created equal, each has their very own national day of appreciation!

June 20th is national vanilla milkshake day and September 12th is national chocolate milkshake day, which will you be celebrating? We’ll cheers to both!

Fun Facts

Milkshakes weren’t always the sweet drink that we think of today (and not so child friendly).

Initially they were served in bars with Whisky as one of the main ingredients. This dates back as far as 1885. If you enjoyed the drink, you would 'shake' the bartender's hand and if not, they wouldn't get a tip! This is where the name comes from.

And, in case you were wondering - the largest milkshake in the world was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2000. And, at 6000 gallons, this is equal to around 50,000 regular sized shakes. Imagine how many cows contributed to this, they all deserve a tip!


Can I order a delivery from Snappy Shopper?

Yes! To get started, enter your postcode and find a local store near you!

Will I be able to pick up my order instead of getting a delivery?

This varies from store-to-store, after entering your postcode you will see a list of retailers that offer both delivery and collection.

Do I have to order from your website?

As well as having the capability to order through our website, you can also download our app. This is perfect if you are on-the-go and looking to schedule a delivery, you can download the app on the Apple app store and Google Play store! 

Can I get other items delivered at the same time?

Of course, we also provide grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, fruit and veg, newspapers and magazines, plus much more!

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