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What’s your favourite type of wine? Do you prefer the light, fruity tastes of white wine, or the bold, more acidic flavours of red? What about a sweeter dessert variety or a nice glass of sparkling wine?

Whatever it is, we bet we’ve got you thinking about a glass right about now! If our hunch is correct and you fancy a bottle, let us do the work for you…

Snappy Shopper is bringing you wine — wherever you are — in 30-60 minutes. Do you fancy something simple to wind down after a busy week, or an award-winning bottle for a special get-together? Whatever you’re after, you can find it all on the Snappy Shopper app. Download the app or get online, enter your postcode and discover all the wine in your local independent and franchised stores.

 Snappy Shopper is bringing you one step closer to the vineyard, and a whole lot closer to your local community!

The world at your fingertips 

Looking for a specific bottle? Snappy Shopper covers hundreds of stores around the UK, meaning that you’ll find a full range of shops, whose aisles you can browse without having to get up from your sofa!

Don't forget the cheese!

Seriously, what’s wine without some cheese to go on the side? Or maybe you’re hosting a dinner party and are looking for a fine fillet of fish or premium cut of beef? Snappy Shopper is a lot more than just wine, so there’s always the option to continue shopping and fill up your basket with food as well!

Get the glasses ready

We’ll be there with your wine — and whatever else you might have ordered — in 30-60 minutes! You can even pick same day or nominated day delivery!


How do I order wine delivery?

- Decide whether you would like to order using the Snappy Shopper website or App - This is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

- Enter your postcode

- You will now be able to choose from a selection of local stores near your location
Fill your basket with your shopping

- Once you are happy with your selection, you can now visit the checkout and pay for your delivery

- Sit back, relax and enjoy our delivery service from as little as 30-60 minutes

Will i be asked for identification for my delivery?

Yes, as wine is an age restricted item, you will be required to show identification before receiving your order. Similar to when you visit the supermarket in person, if you are lucky to look younger than the legal age to buy alcohol, our retailers reserve the right to use the 'Challenge 25' policy.

This protects both the customer and retailer alike from the underage sale of alcohol.

*Your friends at Snappy Shopper remind you to drink responsibly. Age restrictions apply to the sale of alcohol and restricted items.

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