Alcohol Delivery Edinburgh

Delivery from 30-60 mins

Online Drinks Delivery in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, we’d like to introduce you to Snappy Shopper! We’re giving your Friday and Saturday nights an extra hand with store to door drinks delivery in 30-60 minutes!

Snappy Shopper brings your local Edinburgh off license straight to your door, giving you your precious time back! What’s better than a craft beer or a glass of wine on a Friday night? How about a beer or wine on the sofa while watching your favourite show? If you check the fridge and find it empty, there’s no need to worry! Your delivery is less than an hour away!

Beer, Wine & Spirits Delivered

To get your alcohol delivery in Edinburgh, just download the Snappy Shopper app or visit our website and pop in your postcode. You can browse through the alcohol aisles of all of your local convenience stores and find the perfect bottle or wine or can of beer for your drinks order. Just add it to your basket and we’ll have it to your door in 30-60 minutes — all without you even having to stand up!

When We Deliver You Help Support Local Retailers

Start your weekend off the right way with Snappy Shopper! All of the shops that we deliver from are part of the Edinburgh community, so you can feel confident that your money is going to a good place. Did you know that you can also order your groceries and household essentials at the same time?

Download the app, available on both Apple or Android and we will see you online!

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